Videofied Alarms

Catch criminals while in action by Videofied Alarms.

A video-verified alarm can makes a huge difference for Police, Property owners and Dealers.
● Police: verified response, more arrests, reduced crime
● Property owners: reduced losses, enhanced peace of mind
● Dealers: better value proposition, more results, happier customers
● Interactivity – Security with Smart App capabilities. Videofied alarms meets consumer demands with an interactive smartphone app that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote system arming/ disarming and Look-in requests from any MotionViewer at any time.
● The Outdoor MotionViewer® is a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated video camera and infrared illuminators. It is designed to detect an intruder, instantaneously record a short video clip and transmit the video to the control panel. The panel then transmits the video alarm signal to the central station for immediate review and dispatch to law enforcement for priority response to a crime-in-progress.
● IP/Cell network compatibility means that the Videofied system transmits video alarms on the most common cellular networks or IP networks, for consistent and reliable performance.

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